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But there is a dragon in the water and so a battle begins. http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341491&mime_type=&launchZoom=41491 Gog Gog The crofter has run out of tobacco for his pipe. The only way he can get more is by paying with six eggs and he only has five. But his hen is being unco-operative. Much chasing and enticing takes place. The old man even resorts to playing his flute to try to woo the bird. http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341492&mime_type=&launchZoom=41492 Haggis Express It's not easy being a wild haggis in this big, fast world. Alone in his cave on a mountain top Mr Haggis spends most of his time dreaming of meeting a lady haggis, and is surprised when he actually does! Unfortunately for him, his pet bagpipe Bubu is a clumsy beast and soon scares off Mr. Haggis's chance of love. Dramatic rescue after dramatic rescue follows...until eventually the lady Haggis does come back to the haggis cave to look after the wounded hero - Bubu. The Haggis dreams on. http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341493&mime_type=&launchZoom=41493 Work! Work! Donald and Morag are in love, but it's very difficult for them to meet. There's a great Loch, the Kyle of Tongue, between them, and then, there's Morag's father. Despair drives Donald to enlist the help of the work fairies. These bring the lovers together but then won't give them enough peace to enjoy each other's company. "Work! Work!" cry the busy fairies. So the harassed lovers have to keep finding more and more tasks to keep their little helpers busy. http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341494&mime_type=&launchZoom=41494 Ailidh Mal One of the last of the Kintail "Free Foresters", Ailidh Mal earned his living by making his own whisky much to the annoyance of the "Redcoat" soldiers who tried their best to stop him. Ailidh Mal never harmed them but always out-witted them. Sometimes he even escaped across the river on a pair of stilts! His secret weapon was his great big cow that had acquired a taste for whisky. http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341495&mime_type=&launchZoom=41495 Allan of the Forays Alan of the Forays was famed for his seven brutal and heartless cattle raids. One day he decided to perform a little used pagan rite called the "taghairm" which involved torturing a cat in order to call up the totem animal of Lochaber - who was a giant cat. This plan did not work out as planned because the totem cat was himself so disgusted with Alan that he ordered him to build seven churches to show his repentance. http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341496&mime_type=&launchZoom=41496 Black Murdo of the Cave Evil MacIll'Anndrais usurps Black Murdo's place as the MacKenzie Chief of Kintail. After living in caves for a number of years Black Murdo flees to Lewis and enlists the help of Gille Riabhach. They return and, with the help of his faithful old nurse, regain Black Murdo's heritage. http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341497&mime_type=&launchZoom=41497 Come Back Sun By March, Glen Lyon had been without sun all winter.The children of the glen decided to re-enact a very old Pagan Rite to bring back the sun and make a hotter summer! Careful not to burn your feet in the fire!!! http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341498&mime_type=&launchZoom=41498 Neighbours A father and daughter find themselves in trouble when a young man and his mother move in next door. The old mother feeds her lazy son by turning into a magic hare and transferring the "essence" of her neighbours' animals to her son's plate. Once alerted as to what is going on resourceful Dad uses the well-known old remedy of the silver sixpence fired through the barrel of a gun to halt the hare-witch in her tracks and get her son down to the Job Centre. http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341499&mime_type=&launchZoom=41499 Silver Herring The fishermen of Ullapool can't catch any fish, but over the sea on the Isle of Lewis, the fishermen are pulling in net after net full of herring. In desperation the women of Ullapool melt down their jewellery to make a beautiful Silver Herring and give it to their fishermen husbands to use as bait. Once the Ullapool men have worked out a way to outwit the Sea-witch who patrols the Lewis coast, the silver herring effortlessly attracts the shoals of herring back to Ullapool http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341500&mime_type=&launchZoom=41500 The Brahan Seer Highland Seer, Coinneach Odhar, had only to look through the hole in his stone to see into the future. He saw a chariot with no horses breathing fire and charging through the countryside long before trains were invented. He saw the deer and other wild animals exterminated with 'horrid brown rain'. He saw giant grey geese - we would call them aeroplanes - flying over Inverness. All went well until he saw what the husband of Lady Seaforth was doing in Paris - and told her! http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341501&mime_type=&launchZoom=41501 The Lady of Lawers The Lady of Lawers was a Highland Seeress who came from Appin with the "Red Companions" to Loch Tay immediately after the razing of that country by Montrose and his avenging army in 1646. She joined her young husband in the rebuilding of Lawers and, following entanglements with the ever-expanding Campbells of Glen Orchy, who during her lifetime became the powerful Tayside Breadalbane Campbells, she developed her gift of prophecy. Her prophecies were many: she foretold the immediate future of those around her and also looked far ahead and saw the coming prosperity of Loch Tay and the Clearances thereafter. http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341502&mime_type=&launchZoom=41502 The Mull Witch Some daring sailors bring their ship into Tobermory harbour on the Isle of Mull. The local witch, the Doiteag, wants them to leave. She calls her friends, the Islay Witch and the Tiree Witch over to help her. They try everything to deter the sailors. Nothing works until the Lochaber Witch unleashes her crazy cats on the unsuspecting mariners. Will they be able to sink the ship? http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341503&mime_type=&launchZoom=41503 The White Snake Farquhar is a poor drover who finds a talking stick to help him take his cow to market. A dark stranger enlists the pair to find the white snake - the final ingredient needed for his magic brew. The potion boils over and Farquhar tastes it by mistake thus gaining its healing powers. His trusty stick sees off the dark stranger and Farquhar becomes a reknowned healer. http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341504&mime_type=&launchZoom=41504 The Willing Piper The lone piper is a brave man heading down into a dark cave with his dog in search of treasure. It's dangerous in there; the place is full of dragons, beasts and mad wild pigs. The locals at the top fear the worst when the dog returns alone. But the piper's not finished yet. http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341505&mime_type=&launchZoom=41505 The Minister who saw the Fairies The 17th century Minister, Reverend Kirk, became famous for his ability to see fairies. He wrote a book describing their customs and at the end of his life is reputed to have disappeared into a fairy knoll. This film tells the story of the first time he ever saw fairies. It happened one evening when he was Minister in Balquhidder and left the Manse and went over to the Church to pray. http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341507&mime_type=&launchZoom=41507 Tonight's the Night! The year is 1612 in the Highlands of Scotland. The Clan Neish has been reduced to a handful by their powerful neighbours, the McNabs. As a last act of defiance they waylay the McNab's Christmas supplies and take them to their island stronghold for their own enjoyment. Spurred on by their eight hungry little brothers and sisters the warrior sons of McNab decide to take revenge and, with a seemingly impossible ploy, make a night raid on the Neish's impregnable stronghold. http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341508&mime_type=&launchZoom=41508 Warrior in the Mist Cuchullain was an Irish Warrior who came to Sleat on the Island of Skye in 200AD to learn the Arts of War from the powerful woman-warrior Scathach at her Castle Dunscaith. When an even more powerful woman-warrior, Aise, came to wage war on Scathach, Cuchullain defeated her in single combat on the Rope of Feats and then made her teach him how to use the Gae-Bolg, an invincible weapon, fired in water with the feet, which he later used to save the Men of Ulster. http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341509&mime_type=&launchZoom=41509 Iolaire the Lost The Royal Navy vessel, the Iolaire (The Eagle) sank tragically in sight of the coast of Lewis in 1918 when packed with servicemen who had survived the First World War. (Eight hundred island men had died in it). Their loved ones who were waiting in happy anticipation on the Stornoway pier had their high hopes cruelly dashed. Of the two hundred and seventy three men on board only sixty-three survived. http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341510&mime_type=&launchZoom=41510 The Journey West 1 - The Treasure Cave The Journey West, Episode 1: This is the start of the story in which twins Alda and Aldan are separated and their adventure begins. When Aldan finds treasure in a prehistoric cave he is kidnapped by a Galician treasure snake and spirited away to the Celtic Island of the Blest. His twin sister Alda finds out where he has gone and sets off after him in a small boat. http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341511&mime_type=&launchZoom=41511 The Journey West 2 - Beyond the Beyond The Journey West, Episode 2: A trip to an ancient tower in Brittany sets off an adventure in which twins Alda and Aldan find themselves in worlds they never knew existed. Aldan finds himself held hostage on the Island of the Blest under suspicion of theft and his sister Alda has her first encounter with the malevolent mermaid Mari Morgana. http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341512&mime_type=&launchZoom=41512 The Journey West 3 -Serious Magic The Journey West, Episode 3: Alda's boat goes aground in a thick mist as dusk is falling. She makes her way towards a beckoning light and finds an old Welsh wizard who shows her that her brother Aldan is in danger. She resumes her journey more determined than ever to save him. http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341513&mime_type=&launchZoom=41513 The Journey West 4 - Betwixt the Betweens The Journey West, Episode 4: A beautiful princess called Grainne, daughter of the High King of Ireland, is betrothed to Finn McCool who is no longer a young man. She falls in love with Diarmaid, one of Finn's younger and more good looking warriors and puts a spell on him to run away with her. Finn and his men come after the young couple. The lovers evade pursuit thanks to the magical assistance of Angus, the God of Love. They escape to Scotland. On their way there they meet Alda who is journeying to the Island of the Blest to find her brother. She hears their story and resolves that she herself will not use magic in her own search for her twin. http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341514&mime_type=&launchZoom=41514 The Journey West 5 - Fighting Fairies The Journey West, Episode 5: Alda must get to the remote Island of the Blest to save her kidnapped twin brother. But too much rowing has left her near exhaustion and she enlists the help of a powerful smith to row her further West. This smith is the proud owner of the first and best cow of all Ireland, which has been stolen and is being milked dry by the deformed Giant Balor. The smith insists that Alda accompany him on his mission to get his cow back. Balor keeps a secret weapon, which is a fairy called Blue Foot. His foot smells absolutely terrible. Few, including the smith, can remain upright when Cas Gorm takes off his wellie, especially when it happens right inside your ear! All seems lost when tiny Fairy Nose rides to the rescue and solves the smith's problem leaving him free to row Alda out West to the Island of the Blest. http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341515&mime_type=&launchZoom=41515 The Journey West 6 - Warring Witches The Journey West, Episode 6 : In return for a previous favour the powerful Smith is rowing Alda past the Western Isles on her way to the Island of the Blest where she hopes to find her lost brother. Three West Highland Witches confront them. There is Gorm Shuil from Lochaber who is by far the strongest and has special power over cats and her friends the Jura witch who can turn into a midgie and the Islay witch who travels in an egg-shell boat. At first it seems the Island witches will never let them through but when attacked the witches change sides and all unite to save Alda from her enemy Mari Morgana. http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341516&mime_type=&launchZoom=41516 The Journey West 7 - What Home? The Journey West, Episode 7: Alone in the Western Ocean Alda abandons her pride and takes the easier way to the elusive Island of the Blest to find her lost twin Aldan. Once reunited the pair defeat their enemies, save the Queen and clear Aldan's name at last. http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341517&mime_type=&launchZoom=41517 Baby Urisk The Urisks, pronounced Oorishks, are happy-go-lucky supernatural beings who don't feel the cold. They live in waterfalls in the Highlands of Scotland. They eat fish and love milk, which is the main reason for their attraction to their human neighbours. Normally everyone gets along fine but there is a major crisis when the Baby Urisk gets into the family house and the three angry grown-up Urisks, Peadragan, Peallaidh and Padarlan, come to his rescue. http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341518&mime_type=&launchZoom=41518 Demon The Urisks, pronounced Oorishks, are happy-go-lucky supernatural beings who don't feel the cold. They live in waterfalls in the Highlands of Scotland. They eat fish and love milk, which is their main reason for interaction with their human neighbours. But they prove their worth when the boy is attacked by an evil spirit and the largest and strongest Urisk protects him with a rowan branch and succeeds in vanquishing the demon. http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341519&mime_type=&launchZoom=41519 Fishing In the Dark The Urisks, pronounced Oorishks, are happy-go-lucky supernatural beings who don't feel the cold. They live in waterfalls in the Highlands of Scotland. They eat fish and love milk, which is the main reason for their attraction to their human neighbours. Dad is out fishing and Peallaidh the Urisk comes too. http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341520&mime_type=&launchZoom=41520 Flood The Urisks, pronounced Oorishks, are happy-go-lucky supernatural beings who don't feel the cold. They live in waterfalls in the Highlands of Scotland. They eat fish and love milk, which is the main reason for their attraction to their human neighbours. The Urisk Peadragan helps the family when flood threatens them. http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341521&mime_type=&launchZoom=41521 Urisks - Milk! The Urisks, pronounced Oorishks, are happy-go-lucky supernatural beings who don't feel the cold. They live in waterfalls in the Highlands of Scotland. The Urisk Peadragan loves milk just like most Urisks but he will do ANYTHING to get it. http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341522&mime_type=&launchZoom=41522 Ogopogo and Nessie Nessie goes to a wonderful Ceilidh in Cape Breton to meet with the Canadian Monster Ogopogo. http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341523&mime_type=&launchZoom=41523 The Monster Midge The children from Acharacle in Ardnamurchan are fed up with the tyranny of the Mighty Midge, which torments every warm-blooded creature in the village. They describe in painful detail how even the crossest teacher, the noblest stag, the soaring eagle and, of course, the humble crofter, is reduced to gibbering impotence by their tiny enemy who cannot be halted in his chase for blood. But there is one creature that can defeat the midge... http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341524&mime_type=&launchZoom=41524 Finn's Final Fling A long time ago a very strong warrior called Finn was leader of a warrior band called the Feinn. They travelled around Ireland and Scotland hunting, having adventures and performing miracles. Easy for them since Finn had supernatural pets and supernatural powers. There was only one thing in the world that could kill him - his own sword Mac-an-luin.This is the story of when Finn went to visit a Fairy Princess who lived on an Island in the middle of a small Loch. She and Finn were getting very friendly when her boyfriend came back and through trickery cut off Finn's head using Finn's own sword. Then the Feinn came to bury Finn and avenge his murder. http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341525&mime_type=&launchZoom=41525 Ghost Mice Scaredy Mouse has a dream about a ghost mouse that is trapped in Stirling Castle. She and her two friends go to the Castle to save him. They look all round the castle and find him at last but he is being chased by a Ghost Cat who is so frightening that they are all scared to death. So then there were four ghost mice. They set about improving their living conditions. http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341526&mime_type=&launchZoom=41526 Mad Sweeney Sweeney was an Irish Prince whose reason cracked in battle. He donned the feather cloak of the Irish mystic and went to live in trees away from humankind. He was renowned for the three great jumps with which he crossed the Irish Sea to Scotland where he settled in a tree on Ailsa Craig. http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341527&mime_type=&launchZoom=41527 The Battle of Carinish The story of the wounding of Mac Iain 'ic Sheumais, the MacDonald hero from South Uist, at the Battle of Carinish in 1601. In this battle the powerful MacLeods of Harris were routed by the Uist MacDonalds after a dispute involving the notorious Donald Gorm of Sleat and his failed marriage to the one-eyed daughter of MacLeod of Dunvegan. http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341528&mime_type=&launchZoom=41528 The Cat's Bananas Do cats like eating worms? Do birds love munching grass? Some creatures like one thing and others like another. The rabbits, cats, sheep and birds want your help in getting their favourite things. This game will help you learn pronouns such as he, she, they, we, you and I. See how fast you can go playing against the clock! http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341530&mime_type=&launchZoom=41530 Doing A Good Job People are always asking each other what they do for a living. This game features a Haggis and an Urisk dressing up in different uniforms, and you have to discover what jobs they do. Have you ever seen a Haggis in goal? Or an Urisk flying an aeroplane? Well now's your chance. http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341531&mime_type=&launchZoom=41531 Seeing and Doing How do you say what people are doing in Gaelic? Here's a few folk going about their daily business, climbing ladders and having baths. See how many actions you can describe. http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341532&mime_type=&launchZoom=41532 What Do You Look Like? Everybody has a head, so why not learn how to describe what it looks like? In this game you have to find a particular person in a crowd by asking questions about their features, eg. whether they have a big nose, green eyes, or blue hair. It's an easy game if you use your head! http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341533&mime_type=&launchZoom=41533 Make Tartan! . Maybe you're not a Macleod or a MacLaren but you can still join the Highlanders and have your own tartan. With this game you can choose the colours and stripes you would like on your new tartan. You can alter it as many times as you want if you don't like your first attempt and then print it out to present to your clan chief on St Andrews day! . http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341534&mime_type=&launchZoom=41534 Five Letter Words In this game you can test your gaelic vocabulary. Try to guess as many words as you can within the time limit. http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341535&mime_type=&launchZoom=41535 Bigger Better How do you compare things in Gaelic? In this game, some characters line up in a row for you to compare one against the other. Maybe one creature is big, one is bigger, and another is the biggest. Practice all the different types of comparison you can make. http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341536&mime_type=&launchZoom=41536 Mine Or Yours? Some characters from The Journey West are sitting around a magic cauldron which is filled with their belongings. Help girl-heroine Alda, boy wizard Gwydion, Big Blue Eye and the Eigg Witch retreive their things by making them speak up correctly when something emerges from the cauldron that belongs to them. Playing this game will help you to say things like "mine" in Gaelic. http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341537&mime_type=&launchZoom=41537 The Black Toad Of Clanranald Black Donald was a real medieval brute, the worst chief the Clanranald MacDonalds ever had. He was so bad that he went insane and had visions of a great toad which followed him around. Every time he commited an evil act the toad grew and grew, and he could find no escape from it. Some people think that the toad was his conscience and that was why it grew with every despicable deed. In this game you can help Clanranald mend his ways by choosing good things for him to do. Just feed the good deeds to the Toad, throw the bad ones on the fire and watch what happens to the Toad! http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341538&mime_type=&launchZoom=41538 The Boy Wizard Down in the forest at the Wizard School, the pupils are learning how to turn their enemies into animals. It's your turn to test your magic powers, firstly on yourself, but if you succeed the wizard will let you cast spells on anyone who deserves it! http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341539&mime_type=&launchZoom=41539 Where is the Monster Midge? The Monster Midge has been tormenting the whole town. He's been sinking his teeth into everything fleshy: people, cows, cats and dogs, leaving them itching in agony. And now the teacher is going berserk because the Monster Midge has found its way into the classroom. It has hidden itself somewhere in the room and Donald must find it. http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/search/do_quick_search.html?q=%2341541&mime_type=&launchZoom=41541