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The Highlands have inherited a legacy of significant buildings, some of outstanding architectural interest, others of historical note. These range from medieval castles to black houses, from Victorian mansions to public monuments, from cathedrals to brochs. Towns and villages in the Highlands are equally varied, some of medieval origin with others planned to meet Georgian and Victorian needs and tastes.

Listed buildings
Many of these man-made structures are listed as 'buildings of special architectural or historic interest' and afforded special protection under the Planning (Scotland) Act 1997. Buildings are listed to one of three categories according to their significance. There are currently 3,000 listed buildings in the Highlands, of which 5% are in category A, 50% in category B and 38% in category C.

Unfortunately, a number of fine Victorian shooting lodges across the Highlands, such as Courthill House near Lochcarron, had their roofs removed to avoid crippling rates and were lost prior to the Act coming into force.

How listing works
The protection afforded by listing extends to the whole building, both inside and out, regardless of category. Listing does not fully protect a building, but it does mean that demolition is not allowed unless a very strong case can be made, and all alterations and extensions, as far as possible, preserve its essential character. This is ensured by a statutory procedure know as 'listed building control'.

Conservation areas
All or part of some towns and villages are designated ‘conservation areas’. Such areas contribute significantly to the heritage of the Highlands, being of special architectural or historic interest. It is in the public interest, therefore, to preserve or enhance their character or appearance. There are around 600 conservation areas in Scotland, thirty of which are in the Highlands ranging from battlefields and small rural and fishing villages to large sections of particular towns. The old fishing village of Cromarty is one such area; Church Street in Inverness is another.

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