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2. A Crofting Township

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This photograph was taken from 'The Misty Isle of Skye' by J A MacCulloch

A Crofting Township

Crofting Townships became increasingly common after the decline of the clan system. A crofting township consists of a number of crofts, with croft houses, and common grazings. Each crofter has his own area of arable land on which to grow crops. He also has access to the common grazings for his cattle. Common grazings are a unique feature of land use in the Highlands; all the township's animals graze the same land rather than being restricted to a small plot owned by one person. The care of the grazings is entrusted to the local Grazings Committee, who sees that all the crofters keep to the rules.

Click to enlarge the image, read the text then answer the following questions.


  1. What does a crofting township consist of?
  2. What is unusual about the use of 'common grazings' in the Highlands compared to other parts of Britain?
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