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A Tribute

Le Tom Aitchison - air a luchdachadh suas 16/09/2008

Go back to the 50s and 60s, if you like Highland music I'm sure
You'll remember a singer from Lewis with a voice so romantic and pure
They called him "The Voice of the Highlands", he travelled the world oozing charm
He married a Gael called Anne Gillies, a beauty to have on his arm.

His voice it uttered pure Gaelic, his English came forth with a lilt
Was there ever a figure so dashing? Oh man, he looked great in the kilt
Known in Russia, Quebec and Toronto, his travels could fill many books
Wherever he went his voice thrilled them, so charming with haunting good looks.

With Anne, Fiona and children, he filled many halls near and far
Their voices so fresh from the islands, each one of the family a star
The feeling he showed in Dark Island, his rendering of Dark Lochnagar
He took Scotland by storm for some decades; let's drink to him now "slainte mtah".

So who was this Bonnie Prince Charming, who rose to both greatness and fame?
The name of the star it is Calum, no need to state his surname
In my boyhood he was always my hero, I have followed his music for years
As I sit with a dram in my armchair, the Dark Island it moves me to tears.

So let us be grateful to Calum, there's so much to remember him by
And wish him the best for the future, as he longs for the Skyline of Skye

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