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Audio recordings.

Here you will find a wide range of traditional songs, poems and nursery rhymes, oral history interviews and passages from novels which were inspired by the Highlands and Islands. At the foot of the page are links to this material arranged by contributor

A Good Suit of Clothes
Audio extracts from Fiona J Mackenzie's 'A Good Suit of Clothes' (2009) a collection of twelve songs depicting the experiences of Highland emigrants over the past 300 years.
Am Baile: Canadian War Brides
A recorded talk on Canadian War Brides by Melynda Jarra and Zoe Boone. (14 audios)
Am Baile: Cromarty Fisher Folk
Cromarty brothers Bobby & Gordon Hogg talk about their local fisherfolk dialect (20 audios)
Am Baile: Essie Stewart
Traditional storyteller Essie Stewart talks about her days as a traveller (15 audios)
Am Baile: Grant & Riddell Workshop
A selection of audio extracts from a fiddle workshop held at Inverness Museum. The workshop showcased the lives of Alexander Grant & Donald Riddell.
Am Baile: Highlanders on the Move
A collection of audios on the subject of Highland emigration (33 audios)
Am Baile: Memories of a Lovat Scout
Roddie Campbell, Lochussie, remembers his days as a Lovat Scout (15 audios)
Am Baile: Memories of Cromarty and its Fishing Boats
James Hogg recalls the fishing industry in Cromarty (12 audios)
Am Baile: Memories of the Black Isle Railway
Hannah Alexander of Fortrose remembers the Black Isle Railway (10 audios)
Am Baile: Portmahomack During the War
Rosemary Mackay from Fearn remembers the filming of 'Before the Raid' a war propaganda film (11 audios)
Am Bloigh Beag le Beannachd (Cassette)
Short stories for children (Gaelic, 26 audios)
ARCH: Black Isle Heritage Memories
A collection of audio recordings from ARCH project 'Black Isle Heritage Memories'
Bairn's Kist (CD)
Christina Stewart sings traditional songs for children (English, Scots & Gaelic, 25 audios)
Bill Sinclair Audio: An Australian in the Highlands
Jimmy James compares the Highlands of Scotland with the Highlands of Australia (3 audios)
Bill Sinclair Audio: Bird Watching
Bird species in the Highlands & Islands (32 audios)
Bill Sinclair Audio: Black Isle Railway
Memories of the Black Isle Railway (16 audios)
Bill Sinclair Audio: Bragar
Sights and sounds around Bragar, west coast of Lewis (3 audios)
Bill Sinclair Audio: Conserving the Corncrake
RSPB's efforts to conserve the corncrake (7 audios)
Bill Sinclair Audio: Corran Ferry
Anne Mackintosh remembers life at Corran Ferry (6 audios)
Bill Sinclair Audio: Deer
Red deer and reindeer in the Highlands (8 audios)
Bill Sinclair Audio: Dingwall & Skye Railway
Railway historian, John Thomas, gives talk on Dingwall & Skye Railway (17 audios)
Bill Sinclair Audio: Donald Riddell
A famous fiddle maker, composer and player talks about his craft (17 audios)
Bill Sinclair Audio: Fisher Lassies
A former Wick fisher lassie remember her days at the fishing (19 audios)
Bill Sinclair Audio: Gaelic Prayers
A selection of Gaelic prayers (Gaelic, 18 audios)
Bill Sinclair Audio: Grantown-on-Spey
Old Grantown', a summer exhibition (7 audios)
Bill Sinclair Audio: Great Glen
A nature walk in the Great Glen with Derek McGinn (4 audios)
Bill Sinclair Audio: Handa Island
An RSPB warden talks about the birds on Handa Island (4 audios)
Bill Sinclair Audio: Helmsdale Memories
Helmsdale residents remember life during the Second World War (7 audios)
Bill Sinclair Audio: Highland Railways
Memories of the Highland railways during the Second World War (15 audios)
Bill Sinclair Audio: History of Rum
John Love talks about the history of Rum (5 audios)
Bill Sinclair Audio: Hugh Miller
A tour of Hugh Miller's cottage in Cromarty (3 audios)
Bill Sinclair Audio: Inverness Recollections
A collection of memories of life in Inverness (29 audios)
Bill Sinclair Audio: Jimmy Nairn
Memories of Jimmy Nairn, Inverness cinema manager, photographer & film maker (5 audios)
Bill Sinclair Audio: John Fraser, Silversmith
An Inverness silversmith gives a detailed account of silversmithing techniques (39 audios)
Bill Sinclair Audio: Kylesku Ferry
Interviews with passengers on the last crossing of the Kylesku Ferry (10 audios)
Bill Sinclair Audio: Lentran Station
Lentran Station re-opens for one weekend in March, 1982 (3 audios)
Bill Sinclair Audio: Martin Martin
Skye naturalist, Andrew Currie, reflects on the importance of Martin Martin's work (9 audios)
Bill Sinclair Audio: Miscellaneous
A selection of audios on various interesting subjects (7 audios)
Bill Sinclair Audio: Rev. Henderson on Joseph Cook
Rev. Derek Henderson talks about Joseph Cook's photographic collection (25 audios)
Bill Sinclair Audio: Singing Molecatcher of Morayshire
John MacDonald of Pitgaveny, Elgin puts on a puppet show in Inverness (6 audios)
Bill Sinclair Audio: Travelling Entertainers
Sarah Morrison talks about the Morrisons, travelling entertainers (3 audios)
Bill Sinclair Audio: Will Hay, Memories of a Showman
Will Hay talks about his life as a travelling showman (13 audios)
Bill Sinclair Audio: William Glashan
Howard Chitty reflects on the illustrations of Inverness architect, William Glashan (3 audios)
Caithness Recordings: Crofting & Farming
Memories of life on Caithness farms and crofts (60 audios)
Caithness Recordings: Fishing
Memories of the Caithness fishing communities (39 audios)
Caithness Recordings: Life in Wick
Various recollections of Wick residents (22 audios)
Caithness Recordings: Miscellaneous
Various recollections of Caithness residents (26 audios)
Caithness Recordings: Schools
Remembering schooldays in Caithness (23 audios)
Caithness Recordings: Transport
Getting about in Caithness in past times (17 audios)
Cluich Còmhla - Òrain is Ranna (CD)
A collection of children's nursery rhymes and actions songs (Gaelic, 24 audios)
Collectors' Items (CD)
Tracks from 'Collectors' Items', a CD of traditional produced by Highland Music Trust (5 audios)
Creative Commons
Photographs on Am Baile which are used under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License
Droving in the Highlands - Songs
Drovers' songs sung by Fiona Mackenzie (Gaelic, 2 audios)
Duan Nollaig (CD)
Christmas Carols sung by Fiona Mackenzie (Gaelic, 35 audios)
Essie Stewart: Ossian's Story
Traditional storyteller Essie Stewart tells the story of Ossian (3 audios)
Essie Stewart: The Lad with the Skin Coverings
Traditional storyteller Essie Stewart tells the story of Gille nan Cochulla Craicinn (The Lad with the Skin Coverings)
Evanton Oral History Project
Audio extracts from the Evanton Oral History Project, a project undertaken in 1991-92 by Adrian Clark
Highland Folk Museum: Crathie Township
Rosie Campbell, a nave of Laggan, used to spend her childhood summers in Crathie, staying with her friend Maggie MacPherson. Listen to her memories of the township. (25 audios)
Highland Folk Museum: Farming at Eilean Aigas
Colin Macrae was born and brought up on the Lovat Estate, at Hughton, Eilean Aigas, near Beauly. His family were farmers for the Lovat Estate. Listen to his memories of Eilean Aigas (20 audios)
Highland Folk Museum: Life on Buntait Farm
Mary MacDonald was born and brought up on Buntait Farm on the Chisholm Estate, Glen Urquhart. Listen to her memories of life on the farm (16 audios)
Highland Folk Museum: Life on the Struy Estate, Strathglass
A collection of audio recordings of Donnie MacGillivray, former ghillie, head stalker and subsequent manager of the Struy Estate in Strathglass. (12 audios)
Highland Livestock Heritage Society audios
Ian Munro recalls his life as a Highland drover (11 audios)
Kingussie High School: A Day in the Life
Recorded interviews carried out by pupils of Kingussie High School as part of the school's 40th anniversary celebrations
Kist o Dreams (CD)
Lullabies for children sung by Christina Stewart (English, Scots & Gaelic, 10 audios)
Leabhar nan Litrichean
Leers from 'Leabhar nan Litrichean', a teaching resource for Gaelic learners. (Gaelic, 3 audios)
Literary Landscapes: Alexander Smith
Extracts from the works of Alexander Smith (1829-1867) (10 audios)
Literary Landscapes: Angus Dunn
Extracts from the works of Angus Dunn (2 audios)
Literary Landscapes: Angus Martin
Poems by Angus Martin (3 audios)
Literary Landscapes: Angus Peter Campbell
Extracts from the works of Angus Peter Campbell (Gaelic, 3 audios)
Literary Landscapes: Anne Grant
Extracts from the works of Anne Grant (4 audios)
Literary Landscapes: Bridget Mackenzie
Extracts from the works of Bridget Mackenzie (4 audios)
Literary Landscapes: Cailean Maclean
Extract from 'Knee Deep in Claret' (1 audio)
Literary Landscapes: Clio Gray
Extracts from 'The Envoy of the Black Pine' by Clio Gray (3 audios)
Literary Landscapes: Colin MacDonald
Extracts from 'Echoes of the Glen' (5 audios)
Literary Landscapes: Cynthia Rogerson
Extracts from 'Instead of Beauty' (3 audios)
Literary Landscapes: David Alston
Extracts from the works of David Alston (4 audios)
Literary Landscapes: David Knowles
Poems by David Knowles (3 audios)
Literary Landscapes: David Ross
Extracts from the works of David Ross (4 audios)
Literary Landscapes: Donald Omand
Extracts from the works of Donald Omand (3 audios)
Literary Landscapes: Donald S Murray
Extracts from 'Weaving Songs' (5 audios)
Literary Landscapes: Edmund Burt
Extracts from 'Burt's Letters from the North of Scotland' (4 audios)
Literary Landscapes: Elizabeth Grant
Extracts from 'Memoirs of a Highland Lady' (3 audios)
Literary Landscapes: Elizabeth Sutherland
Extracts from 'A Guide to the Pictish Stones' (3 audios)
Literary Landscapes: Eric Linklater
Extract from 'The Dark of Summer' (1 audio)

Literary Landscapes: Gavin Maxwell
Extracts from the works of Gavin Maxwell (2 audios)
Literary Landscapes: Helen Campbell
Extracts from the works of Helen Campbell (4 audios)
Literary Landscapes: Henry Henderson
'The Sands O' Reay', a poem by Henry Henderson (1 audio)
Literary Landscapes: Hugh Allison
Extracts from the works of Hugh Allison (4 audios)
Literary Landscapes: Hugh Miller
Extracts from the works of Hugh Miller (10 audios)
Literary Landscapes: Isabel Grant
Folklore and personal experiences as told by Dr. Isabel Grant (8 audios)
Literary Landscapes: J. David Simons
Extract from 'The Credit Draper' (1 audio)
Literary Landscapes: James Hunter
Extract from 'Scottish Highlanders: A People and their Place' by James Hunter (1 audio)
Literary Landscapes: James Miller
Extract from the works of James Miller (2 audios)
Literary Landscapes: James Robertson
Extract from 'The Testament of Gideon Mack' (1 audio)
Literary Landscapes: Jane Duncan
Extracts from the works of Jane Duncan (5 audios)
Literary Landscapes: Jennifer Morag Henderson
Extracts from the works of Jennifer Morag Henderson (2 audios)
Literary Landscapes: Jessie Kesson
Extracts from 'Another Time, Another Place' (3 audios)
Literary Landscapes: Jim Hewitson
'The Gospel According to Pooh' (1 audio)
Literary Landscapes: John Henry Dixon
Extracts from 'Gairloch in North-West Ross-shire' (4 audios)
Literary Landscapes: John Horne
Extract from 'Caithness Originals' (1 audio)
Literary Landscapes: John McGill
Extract from 'The Most Glorious Strip of Bunting' (1 audio)
Literary Landscapes: Josephine Tey
Extracts from the works of Josephine Tey (2 audios)
Literary Landscapes: Karen Sutherland
Extract from 'Kate's Ferm' (1 audio)
Literary Landscapes: Katharine Stewart
Extracts from 'A Croft in the Hills' (5 audios)
Literary Landscapes: Linda Gillard
Extracts from 'Emotional Geology' (2 audios)
Literary Landscapes: Louis-Albert Necker
Extract from letter dated 7 Jan 1840 (1 audio)
Literary Landscapes: Màiri Mhòr nan Òran
Extracts from the works of Màiri Mhòr nan Òran (Gaelic, 2 audios)
Literary Landscapes: Maisie Steven
Extracts from 'The Heart is Highland' by Maisie Steven (4 audios)
Literary Landscapes: Mandy Haggith
'Dawn', a poem by Mandy Haggith, read by the author (1 audio)
Literary Landscapes: Martin Martin
Extracts from 'A Description of the Western Islands of Scotland' (4 audios)
Literary Landscapes: Mary Rhind
Extracts from the works of Mary Rhind (English & Gaelic, 2 audios)
Literary Landscapes: Morag MacInnes
Two poems by Morag MacInnes (2 audios)
Literary Landscapes: Myles Campbell
'Mar a Chumas Neach a Cheann', a poem by Myles Campbell (Gaelic, 1 audio)
Literary Landscapes: Neil M Gunn
Extracts from the works of Neil Gunn (3 audios)
Literary Landscapes: Norman Newton
Extracts from 'The Highlands of Scotland' (3 audios)
Literary Landscapes: Osgood Mackenzie
Extracts from 'A Hundred Years in the Highlands' (2 audios)
Literary Landscapes: Pamela Beasant
Two poems by Pamela Beasant (2 audios)
Literary Landscapes: Robin Pilcher
Extracts from 'An Ocean Apart' (2 audios)
Literary Landscapes: Rody Gorman
Five poems by Rody Gorman (5 audios)
Literary Landscapes: Roger Hutchinson
Extract from 'Calum's Road' (1 audio)
Literary Landscapes: Rosamunde Pilcher
Extract from 'Flowers in the Rain and Other Stories' (1 audio)
Literary Landscapes: Sharon Blackie
Extracts from 'The Long Delirious Burning Blue' (2 audios)
Literary Landscapes: Sir John Sinclair
Extracts from the works of Sir John Sinclair (2 audios)
Literary Landscapes: Sorley MacLean
Three poems by Sorley MacLean (Gaelic & English, 3 audios)
Literary Landscapes: Yvonne Gray
Two poems by Yvonne Gray (2 audios)
Mas Math Mo Chuimhne (Reflection of the Gaels)
A small collection of audios from Clì Gàidhlig's latest publication 'Mas math mo chuimhne', (Reflection of the Gaels)
MFR: Angus Grant
Fiddler Aonghas Grant talks to Andy Ross of Moray Firth Radio (19 audios)
MFR: Battle of the Orange
Ian Sutherland, Wick Heritage Society, tells the story of 'The Battle of the Orange' (5 audios)
MFR: Brahan Seer
Elizabeth Sutherland talks about the prophecies of the Brahan Seer (2 audios)
MFR: Brodie of Brodie
The 25th Brodie of Brodie talks to Sam Marshall of Moray Firth Radio (16 audios)
MFR: Clearances
Four audios on the subject of the Highland Clearances (4 audios)
MFR: Dingwall Worthies
Interesting characters from Dingwall (5 audios)
MFR: Duke of Kent Plane Crash
Jim Henderson discusses issues surrounding the Duke of Kent's plane crash in 1942 (3 audios)
MFR: Fletchers of Rosehaugh
Elizabeth Sutherland talks about the Fletchers of Rosehaugh (3 audios)
MFR: Fred MacAulay
Fred MacAulay, former manager of BBC Highland, talks to Sam Marshall of Moray Firth Radio (16 audios)
MFR: George Grant, Glenfarclas Distillery
George Grant, former chairman of Glenfarclas Distillery, talks to Sam Marshall of Moray Firth Radio (21 audios)
MFR: Golspie Golf Club
Rod Houston talks about Golpsie Golf Club & its links with the Sutherland family (2 audios)
MFR: Highland Railway
Memories of the Highland Railway Company (2 audios)
MFR: History of Dingwall
Rob Gibson talks about the history of Dingwall (2 audios)
MFR: Hogmanay
Storyteller Janet MacInnes talks about Hogmanay customs (3 audios)
MFR: Hugh Miller
Mary Fyfe talks about the life of Hugh Miller of Cromarty (2 audios)
MFR: Invergordon Mutiny
Syd Atkinson relates the story of the Invergordon Mutiny in September 1931 (2 audios)
MFR: Inverness Recollections
Life in Inverness as remembered by former residents (5 audios)
MFR: Jim Love
Journalist & former editor, Jim Love, talks to Helen MacPherson of Moray Firth Radio (17 audios)
MFR: Johnny Bogan
Muir of Ord comedian, Johnny Bogan, talks to Moray Firth Radio about his life (10 audios)
MFR: Lord Lovat
Simon Fraser, 15th Lord Lovat, talks to Sam Marshall of Moray Firth Radio (20 audios)
MFR: Memories of a Spitfire Pilot
John Niven, ex spitfire pilot, talks to Sam Marshall from Moray Firth Radio (10 audios)
MFR: Miscellaneous
A small selection of Moray Firth Audios on various topics (7 audios)
MFR: Phil Cunningham
Musician Phil Cunningham talks to Robina Goodfellow of Moray Firth Radio (10 audios)
MFR: Stewart Ross
Moray Firth People presenter, Helen MacPherson, talks to Inverness musician and songwriter, Stewart Ross (5 audios)
MFR: The Salerno Mutiny
Invernessian Hugh Fraser talks to Moray Firth Radio about The Salerno Mutiny of September 1943 (15 audios)
MFR: Wick Heritage Centre
Members of Wick Heritage Society talk about items in the Wick Heritage Centre (2 audios)
Neil Gunn Writing Competition (audios)
Winners of the Neil Gunn Wring Competition read their own work (15 audios)
Norman Kennedy: Handloom Weaver & Traditional Singer
Audio recordings from a spinning and weaving workshop held by the Moray Firth Gansey Project
Re-Collecting Home Exhibition, October 2012
Audio clips recorded during the workshops for the RE-Collecting Home exhibition in October 2012. Parents, volunteers and members of staff from Highland Hospice developed and curated an exhibition around the theme of "home" (8 audios)
Ruby's Reel (CD)
Traditional Scottish tunes played by Inverness Fiddlers (5 audios)
Scotland's Global Impact
As part of Homecoming Scotland 2009, a three-day international conference - Scotland's Global Impact - was held at Eden Court theatre, Inverness from 22-24 October. Am Baile interviewed several of the speakers during the conference. (80 audios)
Seanchas Ìle
Extracts from Islay's folklore project (Gaelic, 8 audios)
Seinn! o ho ro Seinn! (CD)
Traditional Gaelic songs sung by Fiona J Mackenzie (Gaelic, 4 audios)
Tales of a Travelling Man - Sgeulachdan bho Mhac-cèaird (CD)
Traditional Highland stories told by Alec Williamson (Gaelic & English, 10 audios)
The Highland Council: From Sea to Sea
An audio celebration of the history and culture of the Caledonian Canal (19 audios)
The TMC Tutors' Collection (CD)
Traditional music played by tutors of The Highland Council's Traditional Music Project (12 audios)
Thogainn Ort Fonn (CD)
Tracks from 'Thogainn Ort Fonn' (I'd Sing You a Song), sung by Gillebrìde MacMillan (Gaelic, 15 audios)
Togaidh mi mo Sheolta (CD)
Tracks from 'Togaidh mì mo Sheòlta' (Along The Road Less Travelled), sung by Margaret Stewart (Gaelic, 2 audios)
Voices From Their Past - Dornoch
Memories of World War II, Dornoch Historylinks Museum (6 audios)
Voices From Their Past - Tain
Memories of World War II, Tain & District Museum (13 audios)
Voices From Their Past - Ullapool
Memories of World War II, Ullapool Museum (23 audios)
War Detectives (interviews)
Memories of World War II from twelve schools throughout Highlands (English & Gaelic, 93 audios)

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